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Schöpfen Sie das ganze Potential von Meonorepos aus. Dieses Projekt bietet Schematics für einen modernen und effizienten Monorepoansatz.

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Epic nx workspace generators collections for maximal productivity!


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👋 Welcome to Angular experts NX schematics

What is this project about?

This project provides schematics to a clean, modern, and efficient monorepo approach.

​ ✅ automated tooling to preserve clean architecture

​ ✅ automated tooling to generate application structure, just provide your implementation

​ ✅ consistent, unified, predictable and clean API of stack services, data access and UI components

Getting started

Installation (not yet possible - package isn't yet published)

npm install -D @angular-experts/nx-plugin

Once you installed the module you can start using the workspace schematics. This project provides the following workspace schematics.

Workspace schematics

  • npm run g app - generate app, follow the prompts in the CLI
  • npm run g lib - generate lib, follow the prompts in the CLI
  • npm run g remove - remove app or lib (and all the dependent apps and libs)
  • npm run g module-boundaries-validate - validate tags & enforce module boundaries rules


The clean architecture is automated and enforced using schematics to create both apps and libs which are generated in predictable locations with appropriate tags and enforce-module-boundaries (eslint rule definitions)

The architecture is also validated using additional schematics which make sure that the actual folder structure and rules stay in sync!

Module boundaries enforcements

The architecture works on 3 levels:

  • context - top level grouping, eg SALES, SUPPLY, PURCHASE
  • scope - impl that belongs to specific app some-app or scope:public to mark impl that should be accessible from other contexts
  • type - impl of specific type, eg ui for components, feature for business flow.

In general, available contexts, scopes and types can be selected when running schematics to generate apps and libs.


Context of the apps and libs, eg SALES, SUPPLY, PURCHASE. Logic within the context is in general available for reuse within the same context with some additional rules applying on lover levels with relation to scope and type.

Architecture overview

Library types

  • feature- - (lazy loaded Angular feature module) business logic / flow, has routing of its own with the corresponding container component (generated out of the box), feature module usualy contains implementation of components, services for that particular feature (generate them using nx g service <service-name> --project <feature-project-name>
  • data-access- - NgRx based data access (CRUD for API endpoints), should be always headless (no components) to be asily re-usable and composable in features
  • ui- - standalone (simple / view / presentational / dumb) UI component, eg calendar or toggle, should never import any service and communicate only using @Input and @Output
  • util- - any standalone Angular util logic, for validators, interceptors, guards, scheduler ... eg util-form-validator-<valiator-name> or util-interceptor-api-key
  • util-fn- - any standalone util logic (plain Typescript function), eg data transformation, query params handling, error object transform, ...
  • model- - simple (non Angular) library to define and expose typescript interface, type, enum and const definitions

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