Angular Enterprise Architecture Ebook

Learn how to architect and scaffold a new enterprise grade Angular application with clean, maintainable and extendable architecture in almost no time! Lots of actionable tips and pros & cons of specific decisions based on the extensive experience!

Angular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan

Powerful architecture that scales

Enterprise environment comes with its own set of challenges which are not present in the smaller organizations which can get away with an ad-hoc approach to development!

Standardized, repeatable and maintainable architecture is the key to success in an environment with multiple teams developing lots of applications.

Angular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan Example diagram from the ebook

You will learn

  • How to set up you Angular workspace with tooling to support team collaboration
  • How to create your application and scaffold a enterprise grade architecture
  • How to separate your business features into isolated parts within the framework of the architecture and what are the benefits of doing so
  • How to share code between features in a maintainable way and what are the tradeoffs of doing so
  • How will the architecture evolve with the advent of new Angular stand-alone component APIs
Prepare workspace with robust tooling to enable collaboration
Super-charge your development process with Angular Schematics
Understand the big picture and make informed decisions
Scaffold the the base architecture for your next Angular project
Get in-depth understanding of all the moving parts and concepts
Understand the future with Angular standalone components (STACs)

Tips & best practices

Lots of actionable tips and best practices based on the extensive experience, for example...

When working with multiple versions of Angular, we might need to figure out compatible version of Node.js and otherdependencies. In that case we can always have a look at the compatibility table.
Notice the vendor comment in the imports: [] array. It can be a good practice to group imports by type, for example vendor, shared, core, local to be able to visually scan and get a good overview of what is used by a module, service or component!
The route configs are resolved in order. Always make sure thatthe "catch all" route is the last route in the config. Otherwise, asit will match all routes, the other routes that are configured afterit will never be matched!
Please notice that introducing arrays like export const SHARED = [RatingModule, ... ] which group all shared components defeats the purpose of using SCAMs (or STACs) and ends up with same results as using SharedModule but using more concepts and adding to the confusion.

Structured content to maximize learning

Perfected over the years of using it in literally hundreds of enterprise grade Angular applications, the content allows you to skip the pain of learning form your own mistakes and start with the solution that is proven to work

Angular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan page exampleAngular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan page exampleAngular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan page exampleAngular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan page exampleAngular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan page exampleAngular Enterprise Architecture Ebook by Tomas Trajan page example

Who is this book intended for?

This book is for you if you're a software developer, architect, or a tech lead who is looking to start (or evolve) Angular projects the right way, by implementing robust and scalable architecture!


Software Developer

As a software developer, I need to be able to work efficiently and effectively with my team, so that we can deliver great features for our users over the whole life time of the Angular project

  • I want to optimize my day to day development process
  • I want to know what is the best way to implement new feature in my Angular application
  • I want to know where should I implement new features to preserve clean architecture
  • I want to know where should I implement reusable components and services

Software Architect

As a software architect, it's my responsibility to design robust and scalable Angular architecture that allows developers to deliver high-quality features in a fast and efficient manner

  • I want to define clear clean robust architecture
  • I want to implement tooling which will help developers follow the desired architecture
  • I want to use repeatable patterns to implement common use cases
  • I want to define architecture which will allow to extract shared functionality with ease

Tech lead

As a tech lead, it is my duty to ensure that our architecture and processes are optimized for scalability and efficiency to support developer teams in a large enterprise environment

  • I want to establish clear and well-defined processes for software development
  • I want to ensure that development follows a predictable and consistent schedule
  • I want to implement tooling and methodologies that improve predictability and visibility of the development process
  • I want to use architecture which enables me to achieve these goals


Check out folks who have already read the book and what they have to say about it

This is the perfect manual to help you set up Enterprise Solutions in Angular. It’s not only the go-to tutorial for setting up large-scale apps but it’s filled with hidden gems and best practices. Great read!
Billiet Brecht

Billiet Brecht

Frontend Architect, Mentor & Coach,
Simplified Courses

Laarne, Belgium

The architecture piece is truly awesome! One aspect that stands out to me is the SharedModule sections which discusses all the possible approaches and their trade offs. Overall, great job!
Chau Tran

Chau Tran

Sr. Software Engineer, NX, GDE,

O'Fallon, MO, USA

I have just read the ebook and wanted to say thank you! It was very helpful! It got me thinking thought it would be cool to have an automated process to generate such architecture in my organization!
Jeremy Singh

Jeremy Singh

Software Entwickler, Die Mobiliar

Bern, Switzerland

Reading this book helped me understand the Angular application architecture more deeply and I could improve my understanding of the injector hierarchy and apply it to my projects.
Rafael Kapp

Rafael Kapp

Software Entwickler, Die Mobiliar

Bern, Switzerland


Ready to take your Angular architecture skills to the next level?

  • Start your Angular project the right way

    Experience have shown that it's the choices you make at the beginning of the project that will have the biggest impact on the long term success and viability of the project.

    Learn how to set up your Angular workspace with tooling to support team collaboration and create an architecture which can scale with your requirements and business needs.

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Angular Enterprise Architecture

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$ 24.99 + applicable VAT
  • Used by and proven by hundreds of enterprise Angular developers
  • Ebook in pdf format
  • 66 pages of pure content
  • Resources (easy to print architecture diagrams)
  • Step by step guide to architect your application
  • Actionable tips & best practices
  • All future book updates
  • Positive outcome for your team and organization

    Become a driving force in the success of your project and organization by creating a solid foundation for your Angular application.

    Using the right approach and derived positive outcomes tends to have multiplier effect on the productivity and morale of the whole team and the benefits of that often spread further within the organization!

Meet the author

Years of experience and a track record of delivering value to the clients and community alike, distilled into a single ebook

Tomas Trajan - GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

Tomas Trajan

GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

I help developer teams deliver successful Angular applications through training and consulting with focus on NgRx, RxJs and Nx!

Ein Google-Developer expert für Angular und Webtechnologien, der als Berater und Angular-Trainer arbeitet. Derzeit unterstützt er weltweit Teams in Unternehmen bei der Implementierung von Kernfunktionalitäten, Architekturen, der Einführung von Best Practices, und der Optimierung von Arbeitsabläufen.

Tomas ist ständig bestrebt, seinen Kunden und der breiteren Entwicklergemeinschaft einen maximalen Nutzen zu bieten. Seine Arbeit wird durch eine umfangreiche Erfolgsbilanz unterstrichen, in der er populäre Fachartikel veröffentlicht, Vorträge auf internationalen Konferenzen und Meetups hält und zu Open-Source-Projekten beiträgt.


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Capacity to eat another cake

Release history

Check out latest updates, improvements and additions to the book content

  1. The inject() based dependency injection

    The inject() based injection (vs the standard constructor based injection), npx for Angular CLI, acknowledgements and feedback form link

  2. PDF Table of Contents (TOC) with Bookmarks

    Additional convenient navigation to desired chapter using the new PDF bookmark based Table of Contents (TOC).

  3. In-depth SharedModule content

    Additional in-depth content about the best way to share your declarables between multiple lazy loaded features. You will learn how to structure your SharedModule and what are the tradeoffs of each approach including use-case specific shared modules like SharedFormsModule or SharedChartsModule and what is the best way to share declarables between eager and lazy part of the application.

  4. Easy to print diagram resources

    All architecture diagrams are now available in easy to print full page format at the end of the book.

  5. Two new lazy loading diagrams

    Two new diagrams illustrating fractal nature of the proposed argitecture and the lazy loading benefits, namely the injector isolation which forces one way dependency graph and therefore the clean architecture.

  6. Additional lazy loading content

    Lazy loading config example, minor fixes and improvements.

  7. Official release

    Book finished and released to the public

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