Angular Signals Ebook

Learn how to architect and scaffold a new enterprise grade Angular application with clean, maintainable and extendable architecture in almost no time! Lots of actionable tips and pros & cons of specific decisions based on the extensive experience!

Angular Signals by Kevin Kreuzer

A new reactive primitive

Introducing Angular Signals, the new reactive primitive that will redefine Angular's future!

Discover why Angular Signals are essential, explore their versatile API, and unlock the secrets of their inner workings.

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You will learn

  • Why we need Angular Signals.
  • How to create, read, update and mutate Angular Signals.
  • In depth exploration of the computed Angular Signals API.
  • In depth exploration of the effect API.
  • Current state of Angular Signals.
  • The concept behind Consumers and Producers in the context of Angular Signals.
  • Dynamic dependency graph.
  • Push -> Poll -> Pull algorithm.
  • Angular Signals and zone.js interplay.
  • RxJS interoperability.
  • Current state of Angular Signals.
  • Angular Signals impact on the future of Angular.
Become a Angular Signals expert. Explore the full Signals API, computed Signals API and effects API.
Understand Signals characteristics and get inside knowledge on how they work behind the scenes.
Learn how to interop RxJs and Angular Signals leveraging the power of both.
Get a deep understanding of the Push -> Poll -> Pull algorithm.
Get in-depth understanding of all the moving parts and concepts.
Understand why we need Signals and how Signals shape the Angular's future.

Verhilf deiner IDE zu neuem Glanz

Nordlicht-Feeling direkt in deiner IDE. Ein einfaches, aber leistungsstarkes Dark Theme, das toll aussieht und die Augen entspannt.

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Tips & best practices

Lots of actionable tips and best practices based on the extensive experience, for example...

A Signal always has an initial value!
We should never use an effect to calculate derived data. We should always use a computed Signal!
Attempting to write to other Signals from within the computed Signals computation function will raise an error.
Computed Signals never execute with stale or intermediate dependency values, and they are immune to the “diamond dependency problem”.

Structured content to maximize learning

Throughout this book, we aim to present Angular Signals in Angular development with clarity and engagement. We use graphics to visualize complex theories, algorithms and flows so that they are easier to grasp and internalize. By the end of our journey, you'll possess a solid foundation in understanding Angular Signals and their vital role in Angular development.

Angular Signals eBook by kevin Kreuzer page exampleAngular Signals eBook by kevin Kreuzer page exampleAngular Signals eBook by kevin Kreuzer page exampleAngular Signals eBook by kevin Kreuzer page exampleAngular Signals eBook by kevin Kreuzer page exampleAngular Signals eBook by kevin Kreuzer page example

Who is this book intended for?

This book is for beginners and seasoned developers who want to start working with Angular Signals or get to learn more about the Angular Signals API, their inner workings and the Push -> Poll -> Pull algorithm.


Software Developer

As a dedicated software developer, I'm eager to stay ahead in the dynamic world of Angular development.

I want to be well-prepared for upcoming versions, enabling me to elevate my code base and leverage the latest APIs with confidence.

With this knowledge in hand, I'm ready to embrace the future of Angular and take my skills to new heights!

  • I want to be well perpared for the future of Angular.
  • I want to know everything about Angulars new reactive primitive to leverage its power in my applications.
  • I want to know how I can integrate Angular Signals with RxJS.

Software Architect

As a software architect, I'm driven to understand the significance of Angular Signals and their profound impact on the future of Angular.

I want to grasp the potential implications of Angular Signals and ensure that I can navigate the future of Angular development with foresight and innovation.

  • I want to know how Angular Signals impact the future of Angular.
  • I want to know how we can use Angular Signals to improve our architecture.

Tech lead

As a tech lead, I want to gain a clear understanding of how Angular Signals shape the future of Angular.

I want to dive deeper into the significance of Angular Signals, allowing me to explore their potential impact and implications.

  • I want to establish clear and well-defined processes for possible migrations and refactorings.
  • I want to ensure that development follows best practices and is up to date with industry standards.

Get ready to harness the true potential of Angular Signals and elevate your development skills to new heights!


Ready to take your Angular architecture skills to the next level?

  • Get started with Angular Signals today

    Experience have shown that it's the choices you make at the beginning of the project that will have the biggest impact on the long term success and viability of the project.

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Angular Signals eBook

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  • Positive outcome for your team and organization

    Angular Signals will change the future of Angular, leaving a significant impact on numerous features.

    Acquiring a deep familiarity with Angular Signals is undeniably valuable, as it will empower developers to stay ahead in upcoming versions of Angular, unlocking a world of opportunities and possibilities for building cutting-edge applications.

    Don't miss the chance to equip yourself with this crucial knowledge for a prosperous future in Angular development.

Meet the author

Kevin Kreuzer - GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

Kevin Kreuzer

GDE for Angular & Web Technologies

Trainer, Berater und Senior Front-End Engineer mit Schwerpunkt auf dem modernen Web. Er ist sehr erfahren in der Implementierung, Wartung und Verbesserung von Anwendungen und Kernbibliotheken für große Unternehmen.

Kevin ist ständig dabei, sein Wissen zu erweitern und zu teilen. Er unterhält mehrere Open-Source-Projekte, unterrichtet moderne Webtechnologie in Workshops, Podcasts, Videos und Artikeln. Weiter ist er ein beliebter Referent auf Konferenzen. Er schreibt für verschiedene Tech-Publikationen und war 2019 der aktivste Autor der beliebten Angular In-Depth Publikation.


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